Monthly Archives: April 2013


Coming from Sweden (or any other country in northern Europe), running water in the tap is such a natural thing that we always take it for granted. In Moalboal after several weeks of hot weather and no rain, I realize how lucky we northerners are to have such an abundance of this precious element. Surely, there is plenty of water to swim and dive in here, but right now there is not much coming out of the tap.

However low the supply is, demand couldn’t be higher. So right now we’re letting a lorry shuttle water tanks back and forth from areas where there is more water (and even the divemaster trainee has to help out sometimes). It’s hard work, but with the help of a new lorry driver we’re managing to keep the resort above water (or in the water, I suppose would be more accurate). We’re also trying to figure out how to lower the consumption in the resort. Changed usage habits is of course the most effective way, but the management is also planning to install new toilets that use less water. Every little helps, I’m taking a very short shower tonight.


When you need a break from exploring the reefs arounds Panagsama and Pescador island, take a tricycle or rent a bike and continue a bit to the north of Moalboal and you’ll find the town of Ronda. Though Moalboal and the diving is the main attraction for people traveling down to this part of Cebu, there are really some nice spots to visit in the towns and villages in the area. Ronda Harbour is one of these places. There’s a boardwalk that’s a bit half-finished (like a lot of places on the island, that’s what gives it it’s rough charm) and a small restaurant at the end. The perfect setting for a cooling drink while the sun sets over the Negros mountains.