Monthly Archives: June 2016

Meet Charlie


My name is Charlie, as my blue eyes and blond hair might tell you, I’m from northern Europe, Sweden in fact. Since I graduated school I’ve been working abroad with the ocean as my office. I been working as dive guide since 2013 in Thailand, but in the end of last year I decided that I was ready to share my passion about the blue world to others. So I did my instructor course and that was one of the best decisions of my life.

To teach diving and to feel the excitement among the students when we finally splash down in the water, slowly descending to my favourite part of our world. Seeing the huge smile behind the regulator causing a minor mask-leak when they finally manage one of the tasks underwater and to watch them starting to share my passion is the best feeling in the world. It’s truly a privilege to be able to work with this.

When I’m not teaching or guiding my absolute favourite activity is to photograph the stunning marine life around me. If I ever stays dry on a day off, I love to explore the nature and to catch the adventures around me.

Come by for a chat. It’s very easy to find me, I’m the guy with the huge smile and dreadlocks!

Why do I blog?

It all started off when I met a magnificent Green turtle many years ago. The beautiful creature changed me so drastic that I after that moment knew that the ocean was my future. The big adventure started and I was off to the wonderful world. I was finally a part of the adventures that I was reading about as a child.

The peaceful ocean calms me down. It makes me humble by showing it’s glory and what’s worth dying for. Each time I enter the ocean, I can hear it whisper. One day I couldn’t just ignore the whispers so I decided to give the ocean a voice that could touch people.

I gives the ocean a story from my eyes. I will fight to inspire all of us, to a better world.